Friday, April 12, 2013

Beauty: How Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Silk Poreless White Saved Me!? (Review)

Summer season is love especially when you get to enjoy playing under the sun, walking your feet on the sand and when you travel a lot. 

But in my case, I haven't enjoy this season even until now. 


During summer season hives are my best friends.  I have super sensitive skin and they appear immediately after I sweat a lot plus the scorching hot weather. 

Too bad! These hives would love to stay on face and it can make  my face appear perfectly distorted. 


 Gosh!!! That was few weeks ago. And that day I had to pick up my son at his granny's crib. So I had no choice but to go out and travel, unfortunately with my hives. 

 To tame my summer allergies I had to cool down and had our A/C on in a while then prepare. 

After few minutes of preparing here's how my face look like.



 As if hives almost gone. What I had on my face?


It is Maybelline's Clear Smooth BB Silk Poreless White Foundation +SPF21 . I

 was amazed. It feels so light on my skin, not hot, not itchy and somehow it helped my hives to subside. 

Perfect for my summer lakad. Allergies perfectly concealed without hassle. Real poreless and smooth result. I  love it!!! 

Oh! Great innovation Maybelline! 
I bought this at the price of Php 399.++ 

I am not being paid by Maybelline for this, it's just my review and experience is worth to share.

      PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Two way cake with SPF 21 PA +++; Non - Comedogenic; Won't clog pores; Fragrance free; Oil-free; Lasting; Shine Control; Poreless coverage; Effectively absorbs excess oils throughout the wear; Perfectly conceals pores without clogging for an ultra-smooth, even surface. 

 The miracle of BB silky perfection Our exclusive "BB Silk Essence" infused powders give a level of perfection making skin incredibly smooth, ever so silky to the touch and luminous 12 full hours long, smooth skin and soft like silk. Korean Mulberry (Korean Mulberry): radiant skin glow and gentle for all skin 2 level of exposure of the film,  powder lightweight.

 How to use : Apply evenly with wet or dry sponge all over face and neck. Suitable for everyday use.


  1. Whoa, amazing product there! Makes me want to try it too, but maybe later on when it gets cooler since I don't want anything on my face in this kind of heat.

  2. I agree with you sis, this kind of heat is unbearable. Let me know once you tried it.

    Thanks for dropping by!


  3. Wow, it works wonders on your face. I also use Maybelline. Cheap and effective! :)

    1. True sis! Maybelline products and cheap and works well with my sensitive skin.

      Thanks for dropping by. ^_^

  4. magic! too bad i never had a shade match with maybelline powders/foundation.

    1. Awww sis. I've got another face foundation project... I'll post it soon. Amazing one!